Part II | Funny Girl X The one where “the Big C” upgraded my life …

.... continued from part I “How poetic…” I cynically thought to myself ; as the artist in me was eagerly waiting to come out.  I had spent the last years studying accounting and finance and yet I was remotely interested in it, yet I had no idea what I wanted to do in my... Continue Reading →

Masking the soul ~ Η μάσκα της ψυχής

Proud people belittle others because they have no real value and they try with this disparaging behavior of theirs to cover the impurity and the insignificance of their own soul ... Saint Luke of Crimea , the Physician (Speeches, Volume III p. 250) Οι υπερήφανοι άνθρωποι φέρονται υποτιμητικά γιατί δέν έχουν κάποια πραγματική ἀξία καί... Continue Reading →

Saint Osiomartys Ephraim, the miracle worker ~ Άγιος Οσιομάρτυς Εφραίμ, ο θαυματουργός

Saint Osiomartys Ephraim, the miracle worker, is one of the youngest Saints of our church and, admittedly, as soon as someone invokes him, he hurries to help. He was originally from Trikala, Thessaly, he found refuge from a young age in the monastery, in order to avoid being kidnapped by the Turks. In 1424 the... Continue Reading →

Everything we own is a gift of the Grace of God ~ Ό,τι έχουμε είναι δωρεά της Χάρης Του Θεού

 When we insist on our selfishness and arrogance, we are in fact dwelling on mortality, since the selfish person is cold-hearted and therefore does not make room in his heart to dwell in the spirit of God. On the contrary, the humble person humbly stands before God and acknowledges that everything he has, whether it... Continue Reading →

Curing the proud ~ Όταν γιατρεύεται η υπερηφάνεια

Humiliation cures the proud and replaces any excess with humility. If we don't humble ourselves, God will give us a bigger lesson of humbleness by allowing some type of hardship to happen to us. So, do not rejoice when your brother is going through a trial that aims to humiliate him for the cure of... Continue Reading →

Isaiah 1:3 ~ Ησαϊας 1:3

Isaiah 1:3  "The Ox knows its owner, and the donkey its Master's crib; but Israel does not know, My people do not understand"    Ησαϊας 1:3  Το βόδι γνωρίζει τον ιδιοκτήτην του και ο όνος γνωρίζει την φάτνην, ιδιοκτησίαν του κυρίου του· ο ισραηλιτικός όμως λαός δεν με αναγνωρίζει ως κύριόν του, δεν έχει ούτε... Continue Reading →

Easter Message

Jesus told the Parable of the Fig Tree—Luke 13:6-9—immediately after reminding His listeners of a tower over the pool of Siloam (John 9:7) which unexpectedly fell and killed eighteen people. The moral of that story is found in Luke 13:3: “Unless you repent, you will likewise perish.” To reiterate this moral, Jesus tells the story of the fig tree, the... Continue Reading →

We worship Thy Passion, O Christ. Seeing her own lamb being led to the slaughter,Mary, the Ewe, was worn out,and she followed Him with the other women, crying,Whither goest Thou, Child? Why dost Thou travel along so fast?Maybe there is another wedding in Canaand thou art hurrying now to make for them wine out of water?Shall I come with Thee,... Continue Reading →

Just like Peter who was sinking, Lord, don’t deprive me of Your Love~Κύριε, βυθίζομαι σαν άλλος Πέτρος, αλλά μην μου στερήσεις την Αγάπη Σου

The past few days were difficult, as I was faced with several temptations. Outwardly nothing changed, I continued to pray, praise, and do as befits the love of Christ so as not to betray His love. But I confess that deep down inside something changed - not that I stopped believing in the Omnilove and... Continue Reading →

Living in wisdom ~ Ζώντας εν σοφία

The current time of our life has been given to us to gain immortality and eternal life, to transform it into eternity by living "in wisdom", that is, in Christ and through Christ. { The spiritual desert, human isolation is where God works, for God is revealed in the purified heart, which is pure through... Continue Reading →

Saint Maximus the Confessor – “Philokalia” ~ Άγιος Μάξιμος ο Ομολογητής -“Φιλοκαλία”

Quotes on love - Saint Maximus the Confessor, "Philokalia" He who loves Christ is bound to imitate Him to the best of his ability. Christ, for example, was always conferring blessings on people; He was long-suffering when they were ungrateful and blasphemed Him; and when they beat Him and put Him to death, He endured... Continue Reading →

When God intervenes ~ Όταν ο Θεός επεμβαίνει

God intervenes when we allow Him to do so because He does not want to violate our freedom of will. This is done either through prayer or when we have goodwill. For example, when we pray for something and say let the will of God be done and not ours, we humble ourselves voluntarily.¬ God... Continue Reading →

Animals recognize and honor their Creator ~ Τα ζώα αναγνωρίζουν και τιμούν Τον Δημιουργό

White dove stands in front of the icon of Jesus Christ baptism by John The Baptist, The Forerunner on the feast of Theophany. Animals recognize and honor their Creator, but man does not. ¬ Άσπρο Περιστέρι στέκεται μπροστά στην εικόνα Του Χριστού που βαφτίζεται από τον Πρόδρομο Ιωάννη τον Βαπτιστή, την ημέρα των Θεοφανείων. Τα... Continue Reading →

Pigeon worships God outside a church ~ Περιστέρι προσκυνάει έξω από εκκλησία Τον Δημιουργό του

Humility lesson from a pigeon that worships God outside a church, while man fails to recognize God. Original video source - by Orthodoxos Christianismos - Christianiki pisti youtube  Μάθημα ταπεινότητας, από ένα περιστέρι που έξω από την εκκλησία προσκυνάει Τον Δημιουργό του, ενώ ο άνθρωπος αποτυγχάνει να αναγνωρίσει Τον Θεό. πηγή βίντεο Youtube - Continue Reading →

The river Jordan recognizes the coming of Jesus Christ ~ Ο ποταμός Ιορδάνης αναγνωρίζει την έλευση Του Ιησού Χριστού

Reposted from @trisagionfilms The river Jordan trembled and was driven backfilled with fear at Your coming in the flesh, while John drew back in awe as he fulfilled the ministry of a prophet. The ranks of angels stood amazed when they beheld You in the flesh being baptized in the streams.  And we, who were in... Continue Reading →

The king of the prophets, John the Baptist ~ Ο βασιλιάς των προφητών, ο Ιωάννης ο Βαπτιστής

The king of the prophets, John the Baptist, came from the wilderness and cried out in pain, "Repent!" Let us repent so deeply and so sincerely that we become "pure" like the morning dew and like the first rays of the sun that fall on it. Saint Nicholas Velimirovich Ο βασιλιάς των προφητών, ο Ιωάννης... Continue Reading →

Theophany, the day God presented His Beloved Son to us ~ Θεοφάνεια, η μέρα που Ο Θεός μας παρουσίασε τον αγαπητό Του Υιό

Holy Lord, Holy in Your creation: what You created by Your Word only, You sanctified them by the Spirit, Powerful Lord, Powerful through Your Passion: for the sake of the world, You accompanied to Your death -for the sake of the world You were resurrected. Immortal Lord, with our voices We praise You: the Father,... Continue Reading →

Orthodox Christian Saint Quotes ~ Λόγια Ορθοδόξων Χριστιανών Αγίων

This life is a test, which is the ticket to the other, real life. This life is just a dream. A dream, which nevertheless has been given to us to make proper use of ¬which is the confession of our Orthodox Christian faith of the only true Living God and the only friend man has... Continue Reading →

Saint Seraphim of Sarov ~ Άγιος Σεραφείμ του Σαρώφ

“When the Spirit of God descends upon a man and overshadows him with the fullness of His outpouring, then his soul overflows with a joy not to be described, for the Holy Spirit turns to joy whatever He touches. The Kingdom of Heaven is peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” + Saint Seraphim of... Continue Reading →

Ο Ποιητής του Φωτός

2000 περίπου χρόνια μετά την Γέννηση Του Μεσσία και Σωτήρα του κόσμου, λίγα πράγματα έχουν αλλάξει. Αν ο Χριστός γεννιόταν σήμερα, όπως και τότε, λίγοι άνθρωποι θα εντυπωσιάζονταν. Γι’ αυτό και ο ερχομός Του δεν φανερώθηκε στους τυπολάτρες Φαρισαίους , ούτε στους Γραμματείς, αλλά στους απλούς και ταπεινούς βοσκούς με την αγνή καρδιά, έτοιμη να... Continue Reading →

The night The King of Heavens was born … ~ Η νύχτα που γεννήθηκε ο Βασιλέας των ουρανών …

The night Christ was born was very cold. The cave was cold and the Virgin did not know what to do. Then Joseph thought of lighting a fire to warm himself a little, but he could not find wood anywhere ... He goes out of the cave, takes a walk, but nothing. He goes in... Continue Reading →

What could you offer Jesus for His Birthday?

Saint Jerome is about four centuries after the birth of Christ, on a Christmas night, a pilgrim in Bethlehem. He longs to worship the cave of birth humbly and prays.  He heard in a vision the sweet voice of the Divine Infant addressing him and he cried… - Hieronymus, what will you offer me today,... Continue Reading →

You will know them by their fruits…

Matthew 7:15-20 You Will Know Them by Their Fruits. 15 (B)“Beware of false prophets, (C)who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 (D)You will know them by their fruits. (E)Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, (F)every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree... Continue Reading →

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