Just like Peter who was sinking, Lord, don’t deprive me of Your Love~Κύριε, βυθίζομαι σαν άλλος Πέτρος, αλλά μην μου στερήσεις την Αγάπη Σου

The past few days were difficult, as I was faced with several temptations. Outwardly nothing changed, I continued to pray, praise, and do as befits the love of Christ so as not to betray His love. But I confess that deep down inside something changed - not that I stopped believing in the Omnilove and... Continue Reading →

Dancing of the words ~ Ο χορός των λέξεων

You know you've got a good story going on, when writing feels like dancing of words...sometimes it may feel like dancing on ice, but still, it feels nice when the story is naturally flowing... Ξέρεις ότι έχεις μια καλή ιστορία στα χέρια σου, όταν το να γράφεις μοιάζει με ένας χορός των λέξεων...μερικές φορές αυτός... Continue Reading →

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