The King of our hearts …

Usually during the holidays and just before the present year says goodbye, we all review how our year went and set new goals for the new year. Some of us compare ourselves with those around us and feel more or less good about ourselves, we feel that we have succeeded according to the worldly mind.

We are consumed in the search for the best gourmet food, the purchase of the most sought after gift to impress our loved ones, the decoration with the brightest lanterns, the dress with the endless crystal strasses, and when the Christmas holidays are gone we feel an endless emptiness, or in some cases a burden, depending on the menu of the day.

This is because Christmas has passed but it has not touched our hearts at all, which is hard as in all previous years that failed to fill the void with the warmth of the Love of Christ.

We have failed to understand and put into our hearts the true meaning of Christmas and became part of the commercialization of the Nativity of the Messiah, who rather watches us angrily, as when He cleansed His Father’s temple from the merchants who had turned it into a place of transaction.

In truth, it does not take many things to feel the warmth of His Love, only to Love Him for what He is and for what He has done for you – for all of us. Christ was Crucified for you to be free and yet He knocks on your door with a gentle knock, asking you if you want to welcome Him into your home, like another blind man who made clay to free Him from the darkness, and asks Him – do you want to get well?

You see Christ has nobility, He does not want to blackmail your love, if He wanted there would be no unbeliever on earth, but the cosmic lights prevent us from seeing the true light, like other natives who are impressed by shining mirrors.

I hope that every day you keep a place at the family table for Christ and that He is the silent guest in the feast of your heart – of our heart …

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