What could you offer Jesus for His Birthday?

Saint Jerome is about four centuries after the birth of Christ, on a Christmas night, a pilgrim in Bethlehem. He longs to worship the cave of birth humbly and prays.

 He heard in a vision the sweet voice of the Divine Infant addressing him and he cried…

– Hieronymus, what will you offer me today, the day of my birth?

O Divine Infant, you know, for You I have abandoned everything. . . and the court of the High Priests, and the greatness of Rome, and the pleasures and riches. . . And at this time my mind, my whole heart, my thoughts, and my life still, everything belongs to You! What else could I give you? I have nothing else to give… today, the day of your birth.

Then he hears the voice of the Divine Infant saying to him:

– You have Jerome, you have something you forget and today I want you to put under my feet.

What is this Heavenly King, love of my love and soul of my life, I really have nothing else to give you? I would be so anxious to save something for myself! Tell me, sweetheart Jesus, what more can I give you?

… And after a moment of silence, he heard the voice of the child Jesus, answering him!

– Jerome, give me your sins!

– My sins, Holy God?!

What can you do about my sins?

– Jerome, give me all your sins so that I can forgive them all.

And Saint Jerome burst into tears full of emotion, happiness, and love and worshiped the Divine Infant.

Icon of the Holy Mary Mother of God, Most Holy Theotokos, pregnant with the Divine Infant, Jesus Christ.

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