The Nativity Cave scene of Jesus Christ, inside a rock on the mountains of Meteora, Greece

Christ went as a refugee to Egypt, clothed, weak, orphaned, and poor. Before He taught us with His words to be patient, He taught us with His afflicted life. It was not enough that he was born in the crib with the foals and the sheep, but Herod also chased him so as not to take away his false kingdom, as he later made the Pharisees and the scribes look for an opportunity to kill him.
The persecution started from birth.
Fotis Kontoglou – The feast of Nativity

Video on the icon and Feast of the Nativity of Christ in the Orthodox Church. One of the unique aspects of “Byzantine” iconography is the way in which multiple events are presented within a single frame, as in the icon of the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Such an icon offers us a window into the spiritual realm, where the birth of Christ, the most important event in our history, can be seen at the same time as events that occurred just before or after the nativity. Through this, we see a most sacred moment, an event within time and yet transcending and even transforming time; the moment when the pre-eternal God entered the temporal realm as one of us.
By @trisagionfilms Original video source


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